Can I Sell Insurance from Home and Get Leads?

Finding new insurance leads is difficult. Everyone has their own lead-generating ideas, but it can be difficult to keep track of them all. That’s where this insurance leads generation guide comes in. Rather than wasting time searching through endless websites or scribbling down notes, read through all of the strategies below, pick the ones that are most applicable to your firm, and get to work. Prior to this, you can also find the guide to generate leads from how to sell an insurance policy.


Strategies for Insurance Leads

Internet Leads: Of course, internet leads are inconvenient and costly, but there is no better way to reach people who are currently looking for insurance. While tracking your close and contact rates, I recommend using different lead suppliers. That’s the only way to know for sure which ones in your neighborhood have the finest leads for insurance.

In-House Telemarketing: Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Many agents make in-house telemarketing mistakes by making one person do it all day. I’ve seen a lot of talented producers flame out in this manner. Having your producers telemarket for an hour or two per day at the best times of the day is more sustainable and profitable.

Criss Cross Directories: There are firms that specialize in compiling detailed contact details for those in your agency’s immediate vicinity. There’s a directory or service for almost any sort of insurance you may like to sell, or you can just get the contact information for anyone in the zip codes you’re interested in. Cole Information and Haines are two of the largest companies in the space.

E-mail Your Clients: Is your company publishing a monthly newsletter? You’re missing out on a fantastic way to keep in touch with your clients and create new leads if you don’t use them. Every newsletter is an opportunity to solicit referrals and cross-sell new goods to all of your customers.

Furthermore, you can also work for a commercial insurance company and become insurance broker. Here is where you can put your name to the “add listing“. In a nutshell, our insurance professionals will give you further information on personal insurance and technology in insurance

insurance leads
insurance leads