Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense Insurance 2022

Last updated: January 2022

Direct Mail Leads for Final Expense Insurance

The pandemic has been disruptively causing a downfall in many businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate has been gradually increasing and changing over the months. In times like these, running companies might seem uncertain.  However, the insurance industry seems to be coping well with this pandemic as the nature of the sector itself relates to preparing for the worst-case scenarios. Insurance leads are trying their best to cope up with this situation by putting out the most competitive rates possible without sacrificing quality which will help you get the highest quality leads for insurance.

Direct Mail For Insurance Leads?

Direct mail is often thought of as un-cool or even dead in the age of social media. Believe it or not, direct mail still has significant value in this day and age when generating new business for insurance agencies. 

One reason insurance companies use direct mail is that it can be very cost-effective. The average cost per lead using this technique usually is far less than other forms of advertising. For instance, the average cost per lead using digital marketing was $13.25 during 2012-2013. 

Unfortunately, direct mail isn’t always practical. This is because you have to have a solid list to ensure quality results when generating new business via direct mail. 

This is why it’s so important to have a good list of leads if you want to begin using direct mail as part of your marketing campaign. If you recently used this technique and had success, it will be pretty simple to repeat that same first step: having a solid list of leads generated by direct mail. 

If, however, you didn’t have success the first time, then it’s essential to use some new lists that are generated by different techniques. For example, another direct mailing list option is to purchase a list that has already been tested and proven valuable. 

direct mail leads for final expense insurance

There are several ways to find these valuable lists online, including buying lists on insurance directories like Insurance Pickle. Another great place to look is on the Direct Mail Lists section of Insurance Agency Resources. You can find lists that have been proven valuable for various insurance companies, including the final expense. 

You will also find out more about what sort of demographic information is available for each list, like age group and gender. Knowing this information will make it easier for you to find the list that matches up with your target audience. 

It’s essential to have a targeted list full of leads when using direct mail as part of your marketing plan to generate new business. Luckily, there are plenty of Direct Mail Directories out there that can help you create a successful direct mail campaign in no time. 

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How much are final expense direct mail leads? 

Costs per fixed price final expenditure direct mail lead range from the high $20s to the mid-$30s. If you’re buying by the thousand, you’ll pay roughly $450 to $490 per thousand final expense mailers.  

How do you get leads for final expenses? 

Direct mail is still the most successful approach for generating final expense leads that we are aware of. In reality, all of the agents we see that are actually effective selling final expense are sending out card mailings on a regular basis.  

Does direct mail work for insurance? 

Direct mail has a 25% response rate compared to email, which only has a 23% response rate. Mailers in the insurance business are reaping the benefits of direct mail, which are both successful and gratifying. When it comes to insurance, direct mail is all about acquiring new customers. 

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